Understanding access modifiers

What are access modifiers ?

  • They define the ‘visibility’ of the properties and methods
  • They are similar to making your post on Facebook visible to either just yourself, or just your friends, or making it public
  • They¬†tell which properties and which methods can be accessed and which can’t based on what is trying to access them.

Types of Access Modifier :

In Java, there are 4 types of access modifiers

  1. Default: Visible to the package. the default. No modifiers are needed
  2. Private: Visible to the class only. It is like having a personal bike which only you use.
  3. Protected: Visible to the package and all the subclasses. It is like having a car which you and your family use.
  4. Public: Visible to the world. It is like a public bus which anyone can ride.

Example using access modifiers



C:UsersRachhek ShresthaDesktopjavaclassday3>java Student
The roll no. of Student is 12
The Phone no. of Student is 9841895794
The Phone no. of Student is 90
The marks of the Student is 90


  • Package: You can think a Package as a folder. A folder is a package. Every file inside a folder is inside its package.

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