IR System Architecture

IR system architecture

IR system Architecture

  • Through user interface, a user can enter his/her need(in text form).
  • Text operation is carried out on the input text in the form of query operation and indexing.
  • In query operation, synonyms for the input text is found out and query is generated.
  • Indexing is also carried out on the text from user and text from the database and an index is produced.
  • the query is used to search the index and it retrieves the matching documents.
  • The retrieved documents are ranked and then displayed back to the user.
  • The most abundant form of user feedback are the clicks on the documents in the results set
  • Text database is also called the ‘central repository’ which is the collection of documents which can be private or be crawled from the Web.
  • This database is then indexed. The most common index structure is inverted index which is composed of all the distinct words, and for each word, a list of all the documents that contain it.

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