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This app is a small part of the project “Khop for Hope Nepal” . The idea was conceptualized during the CHILDAPP appathon 27-29 June,2014 which was jointly oraganized by Microsoft Innovation Centre Nepal, Chilreach and UNICEF at Kathmandu, Nepal. The main aim of the program was creation of innovative solutions for children through technology.


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About Khop for Hope

3% of children in Nepal are never vaccinized. The numbers is not just in hundreds but thousands.
Childrens are the future of our nation, they are The Hope. What would a country’s future be like if its children were never vaccinated in the first place?

10% of children in Nepal are dropped out from their vaccination schedule. If you do not take complete number of your doses, the vaccine is of no use.

Still people in rural areas of Nepal are unaware about the importance of vaccination, the technology is not deeply rooted there as in the capital city.Even parents in Kathmandu valley forget about their child’s vaccination date because they maybe busy.

The main aim of this project “Khop for Hope” is to collaborate with the authorities and organizations to help Nepal achieve 100% immunized childrens and 0% drop out rate with the help of technology.

‘Khop’ is the Nepali word for vaccine and this app/project hopes to be THE HOPE for the children, their parents, community and for the whole country.

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