50Fifty – Coin toss app

What are the chances of you becoming a Billionaire? Do you think you have even a little chance? The answer is Yes. It is 50/50. Either you become a billionaire or you don’t.Simple.
What are the things that you can be sure about in life? The answer is – Nothing is for sure, and that is the only thing you can be sure about.

This is a coin tossing simulator with a simple purpose of entertainment and can help you in making decisions when in a dilemma and you have no coin around.

Do you believe you are lucky ? Well, test your luck with the ‘Predict Game’ and see how lucky you can really get. Set high score and compete with your friend.

Always want to win on coin tosses ? Use the ‘Biased coin’ and fool your friends. Have fun with this interactive and amusing app.




Link to the Windows App Store

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