ColorNote for Windows App review

Windows store is expanding and offers large amount of useful apps that help users increase their productivity. One of them is Colornote Notepad notes for Windows. It is incredibly/awfully simple note taking and check list maintaining application. The User interface is very minimalistic and easy to navigate. Every note can be given a different color which can create a beautiful view of color pallette of notes. You can use the color to express how urgent the note or check list is. For example, red color note can mean the note is very important than other notes and you can use green color for normal notes and so on. Just have fun creating a your own color code and combination.


The download and installation of Colornote seems almost instant. Once the app opens you will get the familiar hub architechture of windows applications  with options to add a text note or a checklist note. There are your recent notes displayed showing the contents too and your archives. Use of this app is very intuitive and users should find it easy to create and organize notes. The app can be synced with your facebook or gmail id which is very useful. Notes can be archived for future reference too and searching for any note is also very simple. This app can be made most useful by using it as windows partition side by side with other applications.

But, ColorNote can sometimes be too simple for its own good. It gives a feeling that it can be better. Unlike colornote for android, the colornote app for windows lacks many features. There is no reminder setting, no password protection of notes, no share feature, no calendar synchronization, theme customization, start menu sticking etc. But if you love a note keeping app without such features and just looking for a simple note keeping, this app is probably the best you can find.

3 5


  1. Extremely simple and intuitive to use
  2. Modern design and layout
  3. Satisfies most of the daily note taking activities


  1. Limited features


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